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Written by YR Staff
Tuesday, 02 September 2008

Headed into the 2008 summer, ISC International was poised and ready to be on top in multiple events. Byron Marshall lead the way by competing in his regional qualifier for the Pacific association in the Long Jump, 100m, and 200m. With a Nation Leading Long Jump of 22' 2" and a new Association record. He also won the 200m and the 100m over his teammate Johnny beard which could only be determined by a photo finish. Byron then set his site on the Youth Nationals in North Carolina competing in the same three events. Byron finished 5th in the 200m in a time of 22.78, 3rd in the 100m with a time of 11.36w 2.6, and WON the Long Jump with a new National leading jump of 22' 4".

Kenneth Walker III set Pacific Association Records in the 100h and 200h and then went on the being the Junior Olympic Champion in both hurdles at the Championships in Nebraska. Kenny set association records of 13.6 and 24.1 respectively.

Johnny Beard could not attend the Junior Olympics but was able to attend the AAU Championships in Detroit, Michigan. Johnny placed 7th in the 100m with a time of 11.25 and 4th at 200m with a time of 22.74. Kenneth and Byron caught planes late in the week to come join Johnny and Gerrald Belong in hopes of defending their Nation leading 4 x 100 relay time of 44.36. In the relays, they showed strong performances. Leading the entire country for 399m, the boys ended up getting 2nd place by getting caught and out leaned at the tape. The winning time, 44.36 equaling their already leading time and the boys ran 44.368. (44.37). Redemption was the key, and the boys went on the win the 4x4 convincingly.

Iesha Hardiman, known as the 400m specialist, was on fire. She went into the 200m as one to be watched but ended her hunt while leading the field of 24 second girls, when she stumbled and almost fell. She then regrouped, went back to the drawing board with her coach, Chioke Robinson, and then went to lead the 400m final for 350m and ended up taking 2nd place with a time of 55.16. She then had to saddle up again and help her relay teams to the finish line 2 more times. The ISC 4x1 team place 2nd, again like their brother team being caught at the finish line and then again, in the 4x4 being battled to a 3:51 time in the 4x4 by my stars elite.

Alexa Morris had an outstanding year finishing in the 100m in a blistering 12.10, the ICG Champion, and running a 25.03 at 200m. Alexa said, "I know I can go faster, but sometimes my body and my mind set did not agree and I suffered for that". Alexa and Teammates, LaShall Hamlin and Daje Pugh whom earlier placed 2nd in the 200mh and 7th in the 100mh, also contributed to the relays teams placing so well.

When asking assistant coach Anna Stetkevich of ISC International, how did she feel the kids performed, she stated this: This being my 2nd year of coaching behind head coach Chioke Robinson, I felt the season all in all went very well. I can relate to the younger athletes and see in them a lot of the things that I use to do. In coaching we always need to see the good and then analyze the things that need to be improved on. I can honestly say, there was a little more in them but we live and we learn. They did a good job and hopefully we can capitalize on this going into the next season. Coach Robinson produces athletes year after year and I don't think people understand the skill level that he has to bring out talent within athletes. He never has your genetic phenoms but somehow manages to have at least 1 surge to the front of the National scene every season. That is one man that dedicates himself fully to the kids and I try my best to be their to assistant him. He is a Great guy.